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Alikulov Sh. Sh. – Navoiy State Mining Institute, Navoiy, Republic of Uzbekistan. E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Integral effect of physical-chemical methods on the intensity of leaching process has been investigated – electrical effect
on the leached body and working solutions entering to it. Influence with alternating electrical current is focused on
desorption of incoherently bound water from the surface of capillars and clay admixture strengthening in sandy-clay ores
in order to prevent it from heaving and redeposition in the shape of colmataging precipitations. The effects from electric
influence contribute to the rise of rock permeability in in-filter zone and increase in average capacity of wells in 25–75%.
The essence of physical effect of sandy-clay rocks permeability increase when passing alternating electrical current
resides in separation of clay fraction of bound water rock, therefore efficient pores cross-section increases. In addition,
as compared to continuous current, alternating current influences water which is immobilized by gels, which colmatage
pore space. Rock clay fracture also forms thixotropic (gel-like) structure under contact with sulphuric acid because of
crystal cement clay dilution and softening.

Key words: uranium leaching; influence with alternating electrical current; filtration coefficient; diffusion rate; uranium
content; ore deposits primary mining; product solution; working solution.

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