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Norov Iu. D. – Navoiy Mining and Metallurgical Combinat, Navoiy, the Republic of Uzbekistan.
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Zairov Sh. Sh., Nutfulloev G. S., Tadzhiev Sh. T., Ravshanova M. Kh. – Navoiy State Mining Institute, Navoiy,
the Republic of Uzbekistan. Е-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The construction of a deep-hole charge of explosives with the use of cumulative effect is worked out, which helps to
reduce the bench toe and expenses for drilling and blasting operations. The position in the bottom part of the well of
cumulative shell-hole influences the intensity of rock blasting destruction. Efficient parameters of a cumulative shell-hole
in the construction of the deep-hole charge of explosive are determined. It is suggested to use a lens inside the charge
of explosive over the conical coating. The lens increases the coefficient of efficiency of the charge; it turns the denotation
wave towards the shell-hole. Without a lens, the shell-hole is pressed out by the detonation wave, and with a lens – by
the incident wave. Numeric modeling of the activity of the charge of explosive with cumulative effect is fulfilled in bidimensional
position with the use of Euler and combined Euler-Lagrange finite difference algorithms. The potential and
physical peculiarities are determined for the cumulative charge operation at different focal distances with the rock of finite
thickness, and the comparison of calculation results over the two different models with experimental data.
Key words: well; construction; explosive charge; cumulative effect; bench toe; perforation depth; cumulative coating
height; detonation wave activity; numerical modeling; Euler and Euler-Lagrange finite difference algorithms.
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