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Demchenko I. I., Mulenkova A. O. – Siberian Federal University, Krasnoyarsk, the Russian Federation.
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The production of sized coal directly at the face of an open pit in the cyclical mining technology involves the introduction
of a processing unit and the addition of a transport unit with a technological vehicle with specialized containers installed
on it. The processing unit, at the outlet from which the sized coal is produced, includes crushing and sorting plants,
a storage bunker, and conveyor lines. Technological vehicle is designed for transportation of specialized containers with
the produced sized coal from the face to the daylight surface. The use of containers for the delivery of sized coal will
ensure the safety of its qualitative and quantitative characteristics. The structure and the parameters of the introduced
mining and transport complex depend on the specific mining-engineering conditions of the development and the possibility
of using the equipment offered by the industry in these conditions. In the paper, various variants of technological schemes
for placing the complex of mining and transport equipment in the face of an open pit are considered. The possibility of
allocation and the field of application of the complex of processing equipment in mining-engineering conditions of face
development with an excavator ECG-5A has been determined.

Key words: sized coal; mining and transport complex; mining-engineering conditions; technological transport; technological
vehicle; processing unit.

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