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Teliman I. V. Rationale for pit hydraulic excavator design and operating parameters-lever hydraulic mechanisms. Izvestiya vysshikh uchebnykh zavedenii. Gornyi zhurnal = News of the Higher Institutions. Mining Journal. 2019; 7: 132–137 (In Russ.). DOI: 10.21440/0536-1028-2019-7-132-137

Introduction. It is shown that the main executive mechanisms of the pit hydraulic excavator (mechanisms for turning the boom, turning the handle and turning the bucket) are hydro-mechanical units in which the engines (hydraulic cylinders) are an integral part of the lever-hydraulic mechanisms. Research aim is to improve the efficiency of hydraulic excavator operation. Research methodology. The presence of a kinematic connection between the engine (hydraulic cylinder rod) and the links of the lever-hydraulic mechanism determines certain relations between the parameters of the engine and the power parameters implemented on the driven link (boom, handle and bucket) – kinematic and dynamic transfer functions. On the basis of the main mechanisms functioning simulation model, expressions for definition of transfer functions are received. Results. It is established that there are rational values of the dynamic transfer functions of the main mechanisms at which the correspondence between the energy-power parameters realized at the driven links and the mode of loading of the driven links is achieved. Summary. Synthesis of design schemes of the main mechanisms with rational values of dynamic transfer functions will allow to exclude an overload of engines and, finally, to increase energy efficiency of hydraulic excavator functioning.

Key words: quarry hydraulic excavator; main executive mechanisms; kinematic and dynamic transfer functions of mechanisms.



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