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In accordance with the COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics) Retraction Guidelines, if the necessity arises to retract published articles, the editors of Izvestiya vysshikh uchebnykh zavedenii. Gornyi zhurnal = Minerals and Mining Engineering adheres to the following policy.
Retraction of an article from a scientific journal or other scientific publication is a mechanism for correcting published information and notifying readers that the published article contains flawed or erroneous data that cannot be trusted, or was published with serious violations of publication ethics. The above listed may be the result of an honest mistake or willful research misconduct.
The purposes of retraction:
- correcting published information;
- alerting other authors and readers to the illegality of using the results of a retracted article in their research;
- alerting readers to cases of plagiarism, redundant submission / publication (when the same data is submitted simultaneously to different journals or presented in several publications) and self-plagiarism (when the same data is excessively repeated in author’s other publications);
- ensuring the integrity of honest research;
- protecting the reputation of the journal, aiming to maintain reader trust in quality and content.
Retraction is not intended to punish authors who have committed violations. Exceptions may be cases of gross violation of ethics, when editors refuse to accept articles from such authors for further publication. Articles may be retracted by the author(s) or by the editors of the journal.
Reasons for retraction:
• redundant submission of an article to several publications;
• incorrect and/or unformatted borrowing (plagiarism) in a published article;
• self-plagiarism with a excessive repetition of already published research results and text;
• detection of falsification or fabrication (for example, fabrication of experimental data);
• detection of serious errors (for example, misinterpretation of research results) that impugn the study’s validity;
• disputed authorship (author / contributor is not included in the author list; persons failing to meet the authorship criteria are included in the author list);
• hidden conflict of interest;
• republication of an article without authors consent;
• other violations.
The initiation and the procedure of retraction, in case of necessity, are carried out in accordance with COPE Retraction Guidelines. According to international ethical principles of scholarly publication, a published article cannot be completely removed from the journal’s website, but is marked as retracted.



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