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In 1957, the Ministry of Higher Education of the USSR made a decision to create two series of university scientific journals: “Scientific Reports of Universities. Mining.” and “News of the Higher Institutions. Mining Journal”. The Moscow Mining Institute was commissioned to produce the first title and the Sverdlovsk Mining Institute the second title (Order of the USSR Ministry of Higher Institutions of August 20, 1957, № I-86). The first issue was published in January 1958.

Thereafter both publications became one and from 1959 “News of the Higher Institutions. Mining Journal”, published by the Sverdlovsk Mining Institute named after V. V. Vakhrushev, has become a major periodical for mining universities, covering the issues of mining sciences, theory, technology and the engineering of mining.

Following the decree of the Ministry of Higher Education of the USSR: “... the publication of this journal will provide academic staff of mining schools and departments with more opportunities for the publication of scientific papers; it will facilitate organization of an extensive exchange of scientific and technical information between universities, research and development and design institutions and mining companies in order to promote scientific and technological progress and improve the quality of engineers and scientists for the mining industry”.

The first editor-in-chief, Head of the Department of Mine Construction of the Sverdlovsk Mining Institute, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Sergei Fedorov played a significant role in creation of the journal. He designed the structure of the journal, formed the first editorial board and the technical revision team. In 1958-1959 the journal was edited by Dr. Sergei Volotkovski, Head of the Department of Electrification of Mining Enterprises.

For over 40 years the editor-in-chief was Professor Abram Trop. He was the Head of the Department of Automation of Production, an eminent scholar, a true patriot of mining education, founder and director of an established scientific school from which about 200 Candidates of Sciences have graduated

Over the years talented scientists and renowned experts in their fields, including Petr Vaganov, Vitali Simanov and Lev Sorokin, worked as deputy editors-in-chief and editorial board members. Currently Oleg Latyshev, Dr. of Technical Sciences, Professor of the Department of Mine Construction of the Ural State Mining University, a renowned expert in the field of rock physics holds this position.

From 2001 to 2009 Professor Ivan Dementiev, former Head of the Department of the Development of Ore Deposits, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Rector of the Ural State Mining and Geological Academy (now USMU) held the position of the editor-in-chief.

Since 2009 Professor Mikhail Viktorovich Kornilkov, Dr. of Technical Sciences, Head of the Department of Mine Construction, an expert in repairing underground mine workings, in addition to the technology and safety of blasting operations, and Rostechnadzor industrial safety expert held the post of the editor-in-chief.

The contributors to the journals know the executive secretaries and editors, highly skilled professionals in their field, very well: Elena Kulikova, Svetlana Kosheleva and Rimma Brodyagina, who worked in the editorial office for more than 50 years since its inception.

The journal publishes articles written by professors, experts in mining, representatives of academic and industrial research and design institutes. The journal’s team has been actively collaborating with the representatives of scientific schools of St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kuzbass, Irkutsk, Krasnoyarsk, Karaganda, Perm, Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk, Krivoy Rog, Kazakh, Tula, Magnitogorsk, Ural Technical Universities and many other mining schools together with universities, research centers and mining institutes of RAS, design and scientific organizations.

“News of the Higher Institutions. Mining Journal.” is included in the HAC list of periodicals publishing the scientific research results of doctoral thesis and dissertations of candidates of science. In accordance with the requirements of the Federal State Educational Standards for training in the field of mining, the journal is also an essential component of university libraries.






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