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- 2020г.


  Geotechnology: underground, open, constructional    
Viktorov S. D.
Zakalinskii V. M.
Shipovskii I. E.
Mingazov R. Ia.
New aspect of drilling development and application in modern conditions of mineral deposits exploitation
Kantemirov V. D.
Titov R. S.
Iakovlev A. M.
Kozlova M. V.
Production cycle characteristics of high-purity quartz opencasting 14 
Potapchuk M. I.
Rasskazov I. Iu.
Lomov M. A.
Rasskazov M. I.
Studying ore field structure and rock properties of the Delken deposit to substantiate the optimal pit walls design 26 


Geomechanics. Destruction of rocks

Zhabko A. V. The criterion of block media strength and geomechanical back-calculation 37 


Physical and chemical processes of mining. Aerogas dynamics

Gaidin A. M.

Technogenic salt karst



Mining and oil-and-gas geology, geophysics

Diakov A. Iu.

Геофизические признаки нарушенности скальных пород (In English) 



Mineral processing

Tsypin E. F.
Efremova T. A.
Ovchinnikova T. Iu.
Экономическая эффективность предварительной концентрации с использованием рентгенофлуоресцентной сепарации.




Economics and mining production control

Mochalova L. A.
Sokolova O. G.

Environmental management of mineral resource complex enterprises in the implementation of the circular economy concept



Geoecology, rational nature management

Antoninova N. Iu.
Solodukhina A. A.
Grevtsev N. V.
Integrated Environmental Permit: aspects, problems and registration 87


Mining mechanical engineering. Mining machinery and transport

Tauger V. M.
Minin I. V.
Adas V. E.
Calculating the optimal physical size of an industrial plate recuperator (In English)  95
Kopachev V. F. Rationale for main fans service life in the conditions of changing load 102


Electrification and automation of mining enterprises

Shprekher D. M.
Babokin G. I.
Kolesnikov E. B.
Zelenkov A. V.
Rating the speed of the shearer’s electric motor drive load automatic control (In English)  109


History. Information. Reviews


Gordeev V. A.

The 100th anniversary of the Ural Higher School of Mine Surveying 121 





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