Issue 5


ISSN 0536-1028 (Print)              ISSN 2686-9853 (Online)  
Issue №5 2022

Geotechnology. mining machinery


Gabaraev O. Z.
Valiev N. G.
Versilov S. O.
Shurygin D. N.
Lebzin M. S

Pillar dimensions optimization in room-and-pillar mining in underground mines
(In English)

Sokolov I. V.
Rozhkov A. A.
Systematizing the methods of fine ore loss reduction in the stoping area 14

Gubanov R. S Methods, dynamics and structure of coal production in Russian deposits: problems and solutions 25

Gabov V. V.
Shibanov D. A.
Shishliannikov D. I.
Muravskii A. K.
Mikriukov A. Iu

Evaluating design quality and performance stability of armoured face conveyors of the mechanized longwall set of equipment for coal production




Geomechanics. Rock breaking



Shinkevich M. V.

Wave-like character of rock pressure in a longwall face
(In English)


Gorinov S. A.
Koretskii A. S.
Maslov I. Iu
Calculating the time within which the emulsion explosive sensitized by gas microbubbles preserves the susceptibility to the initiating pulse 53 



Mine surveying. mining geology



Korchak S. A. Obtaining initial data for forecast engineering geological model construction 66



Mineral processing



Kozin V. Z.
Komlev A. S.
Asymmetric distributions of desired component mass fraction in point samples 77







Podoinitsyn S. P.
Terentiev S. E.
Nazirov S. V.
Uliashev V. V

Improving mining development modelling based on the thermal methods




History. Data. Reviews



Vandysheva K. V

The 75th Anniversary of Professor Vladimir V. Filatov


Bersenev G. P.
Kutuev V. A

Results of the research, development and production seminar for drilling and blasting







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