Issue 6


ISSN 0536-1028 (Print)              ISSN 2686-9853 (Online)  
Issue №6 2022
  Mine surveying. Mining geology  
Elantseva L. A.
Fomenko S. V

Improving the pit wall seepage resistance at the V. Grib diamond deposit
(In English)


Revinskii Iu. A.
Sukharev A. I
Reference object on the continent – step on the Arctic shelf 18



Mineral processing

Leonov R. E.
Sosnovskaia D. V

Thickener as an automatic control object

(In English)




Geotechnology. Mining machinery



Lel Iu. I.
Bokii I. B.
Glebov I. A.
Isakov S. V.
Ganiev R. S

A technology for nonmining flanks formation at deep kimberlite open pits 39

Dubov G. M.
Bogomolov A. R.
Temnikova E. Iu.
Sozinov S. A.
Nokhrin S. A.

Identifying the causes of the two-part engine piston destruction in a gas-diesel mining dump truck 53 

Zalazinskii A. G.
Dvinin L. A.
Dvinina L. B
Equivalent force of mine hoist drive under the parabolic velocity curve 64 


Riabko K. A. Theoretical estimate of the operating effectiveness of the batterypowered suspended monorail mining locomotives 72

Sakhnov A. V Underground mining technologies at the Kekura deposit  83




Geomechanics. Rock breaking

Ishmaev O. A.
Guman O. M
Analyzing factors impacting the thaw depth of the natural foundation soils under the railway embankment in the Tynda–Kuryan section of BAM 93 


Lebedeva O. O. Modeling land subsidence near the shaft pillars at the Upper Kama potassium-magnesium salt deposit based on the geological and geomechanical model 104

Apakashev R. A.
Usmanov S. F.
Raiymkulov M. A
Method of numerical modeling in the problems of predicting the effect from air gap in blasthole charge design 114




Geoecology. Occupational safety and health

Amosov P. V. Numerical modeling of open pit aeration under major blasts according to the dust factor 125



History. Data. Reviews

Kurlaev E. A. Birth of mining and geology in the Urals 139






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