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Introduction. The traditional improvement of manufacturing efficiency with a focus on the technical reequipment and equipment scale-up, carried out without necessary modification of manufacturing organization and maintenance planning system leads to inefficient utilization of duty time by the personnel, which, in its turn, influences the final output. Research aims to form an effective system to ensure the operability of mining equipment based on the methodology including the principles, object, subject, provisions and methods. Methodology. The traditional organization of the manufacturing system at an enterprise predetermines the formation of significant losses of time by operational and maintenance personnel. Time losses are conditioned by a number of basic reasons: inefficient interaction between operational and maintenance personnel, lacking viable mechanism of motivation and incentive for the workers, as well as poor understanding of connection between time loss and economic loss. The existing time losses within the process of ensuring the operability of mining equipment are the reserves of an enterprise in themselves; by activating them, it is possible to qualitatively change the state of the system and increase its efficiency. Results. The publication presents the methodology for the formation of an effective system to ensure the operability of mining equipment. The effectiveness of this system is achieved through repair personnel functions standardization and close interconnection of control units: organization, regulation, control and operation Summary. With the methodological approach ensuring the operability of mining equipment proposed in the article, it becomes possible to select the rational strategy of repair maintenance based on the service life, operating time, and the technical condition of mining machines.

Key words: standard; functional; repair service strategy; costs; technical condition; efficiency; operation; process; methodology; regulation; control; hazardous production situation.



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