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Mikhailov A. V., Lopatiuk A. O. – Saint Petersburg Mining University, Saint Petersburg, the Russian Federation.
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Shishliannikov D. I. – Perm National Research Polytechnic University, Perm, the Russian Federation.
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Some peculiarities of peat massif high-speed milling process are examined within natural position conditions with the use
of the method of hydromechanization. In the course of the analysis of utilizable technical equipment park for peat
reclamation the conclusion has been made, that the problem of portable multifunctional hydromechanical aggregate
development is up-to-date. Main peculiarities of the process of cutting peat massif are described with the account of its
characteristics, i.e. elastic and plastic properties, peat decay degree, floral and wood inclusions, and structure. Possible
geometrical parameters of milling cutter elements are analyzed. The work substantiates the necessity to use curved
blades as milling cutter elements to provide the process of cutting with sliding. The calculation is fulfilled of hydrodynamic
resistances, which occur in the process of cutting flooded peat massif.

Key words: peat; milling cutter; hydromechanization; hydrodynamics; sliding; cutting; curved blade.

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