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УДК 622.014.3:553.042 DOI: 10.21440/0536-1028-2020-7-5-20


Introduction. The article evaluates the importance of mineral resource potential for Russian economic security. The mining science plays crucial role in creating reliable mineral resource base and in mining development.
Research aim and relevance. The development of mining sectors in the deteriorating mining engineering conditions, which were caused by increasing depth of opencasting, the impoverishment of mined raw materials, and reserves depletion in the richest deposits required improved engineering, technology and organization of integrated development in the deep horizons of operating mining enterprises and development of low quality deposits in remote regions with poor infrastructure. In this regard, it is required to drastically revise the strategy of Russian mineral resource base development.
Methodology. Approaches to solid mineral deposits integrated development rationale were analyzed based on the principles of consistency, complexity, interdisciplinarity and innovation taking into account the transition processes in order to adapt mining engineering systems of mining enterprises to changing operating conditions.
Results. The definition is given to the strategy of deep-seated pitching deposits exploitation, taking into account the growth of geological, mining and technical, and economic information in the dynamics of mining development. The aspects of developing deposits in northern regions and in the regions considered equivalent to northern are highlighted, including complex development of territories through mineral resource centers creation.

Key words: mining; mineral raw materials; complex deposits; strategy; integrated development; methodology; transition processes.

Acknowledgements. The article was prepared based on research on the state task no. 075-01039-20-00,
topic no. 0405-2019-0005.



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