Appeals and complaints


ISSN 0536-1028 (Print)              ISSN 2686-9853 (Online)  
An appeal against the decision to reject the paper based on its scientific significance. The editors shall consider the arguments of the authors stated in the complaint and send the arguments to the reviewer who reported on paper rejection. The reviewer shall study the author’s arguments and make decisions using the following options: “The rejection decision must remain in effect”; “Another independent opinion is required”; "The appeal should be satisfied." The applicant shall be informed about the corresponding decision. The appeal decision shall be final decision.
Complaint against the implementation of certain procedures. The editor-in-chief or the deputy editor shall investigate the issue, find the best resolution, and make managerial decision to improve the procedures. The results of the improvement of the procedures and processes shall be communicated to the interested parties.
Complaint concerning publishing ethics. The editors shall be guided by the principles presented in the Editorial Code and Ethics when handling complaints concerning publishing ethics. In complicated cases, the question may be introduced for discussion at the Editorial Board of the Journal.



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