Issue 3


ISSN 0536-1028 (Print)              ISSN 2686-9853 (Online)  
Issue №3 2022

Geotechnology. mining machinery

Shishkin E. A.
Mikheeva A. A
A roller press parameter selection method taking account of the briquetted material characteristics
(In English)

Azarov E. B. Comparative analysis of experimental research into the effect of lasting self-synchronization on a laboratory shaker with three and two vibration exciters
(In English)

Volkov M. N.
Potapov V. Ia.
Potapov V. V
Calculating arched support with blocking
(In English)

Demidenko A. I.
Kuznetsov I. S

Experimental study of thawed soil cutting with a cutting tool of an excavator milling attachment

Talgamer B. L.
Murzin N. V.
Snetkov V. I
Assessing the capacity of dredging excavations to place dredging tailings dumps in the course of deep and man-made placer mining 44

Terekhin E. P.
Kazantsev A. A.

Assessing technical capacities and economic efficiency of granulated middling hydraulic transportation as applied to Kursk Magnetic Anomaly deposits development 55 

Geomechanics. Rock breaking



Zubkov A. V.
Sentiabov S. V

Astrophysical and other components of rock mass stress 70

Sidorenko A. A.
Aparin A. G.
Dmitriev P. N
Improving the calculation method for rock bolting parameters of coal mine workings in influence zones of contiguous coal seams 82



Geoecology. Occupational safety and health



Kalaigoroda V. V.
Nikulin N. Iu.
Prostov S. M.
Shabanov E. A.
Krupina N. V

Monitoring the spontaneous combustion zone of a rock-coal massif using the ground-penetrating radar method.. 95


Golik V. I.
Razorenova E. Iu.
Stas V. P.
Stas P. P
Safety rationale for composite ore deposits underground mining in energy distributed masses 104

Makarov A. B.
Talalai A. G.
Guman O. M.
Khasanova G. G

Anthropogenic deposits and their impact on the natural environment 120






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