Peer Review


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All the articles that are received by the editor’s pass the obligatory procedure of double anonymous review.

Primary review of the articles received by the editor’s is accomplished by the chief editor and deputy chief editor. At this stage they can reject the articles that don’t meet the requirements of the editors.
A scientific article that meets the specialization of the journal is directed to neutral evaluation, performed by the two experts in the corresponding study who have Doctor or Candidate of sciences degree. Representatives of editorial board may be involved as experts.

In their advisability decision on article publication, each reviewer briefly summarizes the contents of the article, notes the article’s name correspondence, scientific novelty of the article, timeliness of the topic, evaluates the strength of the problem’s solution, the author’s awareness of scientific literature on the question under consideration, theh article’s consistency, its sequence and style of narrative.

The article is examined by the reviewer within two weeks. If any remarks, the article is either rejected, or returned to the authors for further development. The copy of review is attached (the review is anonymous). 
After its development, the article is directed to the same reviewers again, and, if approved, it is published. In case of disputes, when the authors don’t agree with the reviewer’s remarks, the article is directed to the other reviewer or reviewers. The final decision on the article publication or rejection is made by the editorial board. 



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