Issue 8


ISSN 0536-1028 (Print)              ISSN 2686-9853 (Online)  
Issue №8 2021

Geotechnology: underground, open, constructional


Sokolov I. V.
Antipin Iu. G.
Rozhkov A. A.
Nikitin I. V.
Solomein Iu. M

Mining factors effect on the technical and economic indicators of mining the upper sublevel under the rock cushion at iron ore deposits 5

 Stetiukha V. A.

Calculating the polymer operating string under asymmetric ice compression in permafrost




Mining and oil-and-gas geology, geophysics

Dziublo A. D.
Perekrestov V. E.
Alekseeva K. V
Ensuring industrial safety when drilling wells and developing oil and gas field infrastructure on the shelf of the Arctic and Subarctic seas 24

 Ratushniak A. N.
Baidikov S. V. 

Pulse inductive electromagnetic sounding of layered media 34 



Mining mechanical engineering. Mining machinery and transport

 Kosarev N. P.
Makarov V. N.
Ugolnikov A. V.
Belskikh A. M.
Optimizing the parameters of gas air-cooling unit fan systems 45

 Zalazinskii A. G.
Dvinin L. A.
Dvinina L. B

Equivalent force of winder drive at a trapezoidal velocity graph 55  

Rybakov A. N.
Gabbasov B. M.
Kurochkin A. I.
Iliinov N. D.

Improving the efficiency of mining machines operation by example of mine dewatering equipment in conditions of Uchaly underground mine 69



Geomechanics. Destruction of rocks. Physical and chemical processes of mining



 Moroz N. E.
Belova M. V.
Rukavishnikov G. D.

Predicting stress zones at various stages of goldfield development




History. Information. Reviews


Kurlaev E. A.

Uralian ore sleuths


 Bersenev G. P.
Kutuev V. A.
Kniazev D. Iu.

The outcome of the Ural Blasters Conference






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