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Alenichev V. M. On the possibility of water jet cutting abrasive import substitution. Izvestiya vysshikh uchebnykh zavedenii. Gornyi zhurnal = News of the Higher Institutions. Mining Journal. 2019; 7: 60–67 (In Russ.). DOI: 10.21440/0536-1028-2019-7-60-67

Introduction. Garnet sand, hard metals powder and carbide oxides are basically used as an abrasive when cutting various materials with a water jet. It is proposed to study the possibility of using quartz sand instead of imported garnet sand.
Research aim. Water jet cutting is a process of erosion effect of a water jet with hard abrasive particles coming under ultra high pressure. It is necessary to examine the technical and technological possibility of using an abrasive made of original quartz crush (industrial waste) and natural quartz sand when cutting metal and rock with a water jet.
Methodology. The use of geoinformation provision, including attributive and spatial data, allowed to identify potential mining and geological objects containing raw materials meeting physical-mechanical properties and granulometric composition of a widely-accepted abrasive in the form of garnet raw material. The present article describes the experimental results of rock and metal cutting with a water jet with the use of quarts sand crush.
Results. Pilot testing at several machine-building and processing enterprises of the Ural region has allowed to establish technical and technological possibility of using original quartz crush of Gora Khrustalnaya deposit and natural raw material of Kichiginsky quartz sand deposit.
Summary. Raw material fraction size providing the required roughness of the cutting surface are recommended as an abrasive when cutting aluminum alloy and rocks (gabbro) with a water jet. The requirements for maximum permissible concentration of harmful substances in the workplace air are formulated.

Key words: water jet cutting; technogenic product; sand; deposit; cutting speed; cutting surface; roughness.



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Received 19 March 2019



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