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Mislibaev I. T., Zairov Sh. Sh., Tukhtashev A. B., Normatova M. Zh. – Navoiy State Mining Institute, Navoiy,
Republic of Uzbekistan. E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The technique of dust reduction and explosives efficiency improvement is developed under bulk explosions at open pits
with the use of vacuum envelope filled with soap stock (wastes of oil-fat plant) and water at the ration 50:50 at the face
part of a well. Dust sedimentation intensification over the explosion site allows reducing the pollution of the territory
enclosing the open pit, which affects favorably the ecological situation in the region of mining operations. Atmosphere
dust and gas pollution parameters calculation has been fulfilled under the conduct of drilling and blasting operations at
open pits with the account of physical and mechanical properties of rocks and their water content, blastholes drilling
techniques, the range of the explosives applied, the type of stemming material applied, blasting methods, bulk explosion
firing time, weather conditions at the process of explosion, etc. It is stated that when explosive gas passes through the
envelope with soap stock and water in the face part of the well there is the convection heat transfer from gas to
the envelope together with the loss of the part of partial pressure on the walls of the well in the place of the envelope
location. Due to the loss of heat, dust and gas cloud loses a part of its energy, which leads to the reduction of its rise
height and prevention from its relocation beyond the limits of the open pit space.
Key words: drilling and blasting operations; dust and gas emission; dust reduction; bulk explosion; soap stock; ecological
situation; parameters of dust and gas pollution; explosive gas; heat loss; explosion gas pressure; explosives charging
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