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Khopunov E. A. – Consulting and Analytical Centre “Russian Standard”, Ekaterinburg, the Russian Federation.
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In the processes of ore dressing the problem of high energy consumption in the technologies of mineral and technogenic
disintegration is still up-to-date. Investigations, made at the variety of ores, confirmed that the work of internal forces
under disintegration just marginally transforms into a new surface, i.e. into mineral release properly. Wave techniques are
potentially innovative directions of disintegration energy cost reduction; they use the effect similar to “rheological blast”.
The work examines the results of the investigation of surface-active substances (SAS, which serve as the surface energy
reducer) influence on destruction processes of dimensionally deformed samples of various ores. As compared to the
“rheological blast”, where destruction initiators are shear deformations of volume-stressed body, the work introduces the
confirmation about the fact that SAS can cause the generation of new surfaces due to internal elastic energy collected
under volume deformation. Investigations made with the samples of titanomagnetite, ferruginous quartzite, and chromite
and rare metal ores with various SAS, confirmed the presence of the effect of spontaneous fissuring at the moment of
SAS introduction into volume deformed material. Microfractographic analysis of alternation products has showed mainly
intercrystalline rupture with minimum number of aggregates and primary revelation of ore minerals in natural size are
determined in all examined samples of ores under dimensional deformation.
Key words: ore disintegration; surface-active substances; dimensional deformation; acoustic emission; minerals revelation.
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