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The article traces the history of the interuniversity scientific publication “Izvestia of higher educational institutions. Gorny Zhurnal ”, soon after its foundation, became the leading theoretical journal on the problems of mining science in the country and was regularly distributed abroad. The article also tells about all the chief editors of Izvestia VUZ. Mining Journal ". In addition, the uniqueness of the publication, which was distributed in more than 40 countries of the world, as well as the renewal under its auspices of the release of the domestic magazine "Ural Mountain Review", published since 1897. At the end of the article, the current state of the journal is described.

Key words: “Izvestiya vuzov. Mining Journal "; Ural Mountain Review; Sverdlovsk Mining Institute; Ural State Mining University.

Series "Izvestiya Vuzov". The most famous series of scientific journals of the Soviet Union - "Izvestiya Vysshikh Educational Institutions" (abbreviated: "Izvestiya Vuzov") - was initiated at a meeting of heads of higher educational institutions subordinated to the USSR Ministry of Higher Education, which took place in Moscow from 18 to 21 February 1957. [1]. By the way, it was a time of changes in the country: a year earlier, in February 1956, the famous XX Party Congress took place, at which the First Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee Nikita Sergeevich Khrushchev read out a report on the personality cult of Stalin. This historical period in the country is commonly called the “Khrushchev Thaw,” and it was marked by many changes in various fields, including in higher education, where modern scientific journals focused on the international level began to be created. In addition to the "Izvestiya Vuzov" series, at the same landmark meeting, another series was created - "Scientific reports of higher education" - on 13 branches of knowledge.

Izvestiya Vuzov was immediately created as a series of interuniversity publications in various fields of science and technology (of which there were at first two dozen), and later it only expanded. The publication of scientific journals included in this series was entrusted to specialized universities throughout the country, and in 1957-1958. scientific journals of the series began to appear on a regular basis.

Издание «Известия вузов. Горный журнал»


“Izvestiya vuzov. Mining Journal ". So, at a meeting of heads of universities in 1957, two series of scientific publications were created: Izvestiya Vuzov and Scientific Reports of Higher Education. On the subject of mining sciences, two leading educational institutions were entrusted with publishing journals: the Moscow Mining Institute (now part of the National Research Technological University "MISiS") - the journal Scientific Reports of Higher Education. Mining "and the Sverdlovsk Mining Institute (now USMU - Ural State Mining University) -" Izvestiya Vuzov. Mining Journal ”, the first issue of which was published in January 1958. However, already in 1959, both publications were united under the cover of Izvestiya Vuzov. Mining Journal ”, with its editorial office in Sverdlovsk (now Yekaterinburg), which thus became the main periodical publication of mining and mining and metallurgical universities, as well as mining faculties of polytechnic institutes throughout the country.

Editorial board and editorial board. Chief editors of the journal:

1958 (January to March) - Sergei Alekseevich Fedorov;
1958 - 1959 - Sergey Andronikovich Volotkovsky;
1959 - 2000 - Abram Efimovich Trop;
2001 - 2009 - Ivan Vasilievich Dementyev;
2009 - 2018 - Mikhail Viktorovich Kornilkov;
2018 - 2021 - Evgeny Fedorovich Tsypin;
Since 2021 - Niyaz Gadym oglu Valiev.

S. A. Fedorov is the first editor of Izvestiya Vuzov. Mining Journal



In the first issue of Izvestiya Vuzov. Mining Journal ", created by order of the Ministry of Higher Education of the USSR No. I-86 dated August 20, 1957, it was noted that the publication of this kind of journal" ... will provide the teaching staff of mining universities and faculties with wider opportunities for the publication of scientific papers "[2] ... This release took place thanks to the doctor of technical sciences, professor, a prominent scientist in the field of underground construction Sergei Alekseevich Fedorov, who developed the structure of the journal, recruited the first editorial board and formed the technical editorial staff. However, immediately after the release of the first issue, S. A. Fedorov, who combined his work in the editorial office with the duties of the vice-rector of the Sverdlovsk Mining Institute, and also headed the department of mine construction, resigned from the post of editor-in-chief, focusing on other duties.

S. A. Volotkovsky - editor-in-chief of the journal in 1958-1959



The second issue of the journal was published under the editorship of Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Sergei Andronikovich Volotkovsky - a specialist in the field of mine electric transport.

For more than 40 years (1959–2000) AE Troop headed Izvestiya Vuzov. Mining Journal



In 1959, when S.A. Volotkovsky was offered to head the department of electrification of mining operations and enterprises, Abram Efimovich Troop, who held this position for more than forty years (from 1959 to 2000), became his successor as the editor-in-chief of the journal. Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of Automation of Production Processes of the Sverdlovsk Mining Institute, A.E. machines as objects of automation [3]). His name is associated with the formation of the journal, the attraction of prominent scientists in various fields of mining sciences to publish their works on the pages of the publication. During this period, Izvestiya Vuzov. Gorny Zhurnal ”has gained its high scientific reputation [4].

I.V. Dementyev - in 2001-2009, editor-in-chief of Izvestiya Vuzov. Mining Journal



After the death of A.E. Trop, the journal was headed by Professor Ivan Vasilievich Dementyev. From 1988 to 2000, IV Dementyev held the post of rector of SGI (during this period, the university was renamed the Ural State Mining and Geological Academy), and he became the first rector elected by the collective, and not appointed "from above" [5]. After leaving this position, from 2001 to 2009, I. V. Dementyev acted as the chief editor of Izvestiya Vuzov. Mining Journal ". A specialist in the improvement and development of new technologies for underground exploitation of copper-pyrite and polymetallic deposits, IV Dementyev paid great attention to improving and expanding the journal's topics, strengthening the connection between university science and mining practice [6].

M.V. Kornilkov. From 2009 to 2018, he headed Izvestiya Vuzov. Mining Journal



The successor of I. V. Dementyev was Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Mikhail Viktorovich Kornilkov (editor-in-chief from 2009 to 2018) - Head of the Department of Mine Construction, a well-known specialist in the field of technology and safety of blasting operations, fastening of underground mine workings, development of the space of the largest cities (including the underground space of Yekaterinburg, where his designs served as the basis for the section of the General Plan for the City Development), an impeccable organizer and a talented teacher [7].

E.F. Tsypin - editor-in-chief of the journal Izvestiya Vuzov. Mining Journal from 2018 to 2021



From 2018 to 2021, the journal was headed by Evgeny Fedorovich Tsypin, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Professor of the Department of Mineral Processing USMU, an expert in the field of theory and technology of preliminary concentration of mineral and technogenic raw materials, as well as research of minerals for washability.

N.G. Valiev - editor-in-chief of the journal Izvestiya Vuzov. Mining Journal from 2021

Since 2021, the editor-in-chief of the Izvestiya Vuzov. Mining Journal "became Niyaz Gadym oglu Valiev, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Vice-Rector for Research, First Vice-Rector (from 2008 to 2019), Head of the Department of Mining (since 2009), specialist in the development of alluvial deposits, actual member of the International Academy of Sciences of Ecology, Human and Environmental Safety, Academy of Mining Sciences.

For many years, talented scientists, well-known specialists in their fields have worked as deputy editor-in-chief of the journal: Peter Vasilievich Vaganov, Vitaly Georgievich Simanov, Lev Anatolyevich Sorokin, Oleg Georgievich Latyshev. Currently, this position is occupied by Yuri Ivanovich Lel, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of Opencast Mining of the USMU, a specialist in the field of mining technology and quarry transport.

The first editorial board included: associate professor V.M. Arashkevich, professor S.A. Volotkovsky, associate professor G.I. Vilesov, associate professor P.V. Vaganov, professor A.I. Veselov, associate professor L.I. Zhukov, professor P. I. Kokorin, professor V. S. Muchnik, professor A. I. Nedoluzhenko, professor V. V. Ogievsky, associate professor Yu. S. Petrov, professor N. S. Polyakov, professor E. F. Ratnikov, professor D. V. Topchiev, associate professor V. S. Khokhryakov - eminent scientists of Sverdlovsk, Moscow, Dnepropetrovsk mining institutes, Kusbass Polytechnic Institute.

The modern editorial board of the journal is represented by prominent scientists from different cities of Russia: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk, Kemerovo, Krasnodar, Yekaterinburg, Perm, as well as foreign colleagues from Germany, Bulgaria, Poland, Mongolia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

Thematic focus of the journal, uniqueness. Even in the first issue of the journal, the direction of the publication was determined - the publication of scientific articles on the problems of mining science, theory, technology and technology of mining. The magazine was co-founded by the Ministry of Education.



The main sections of the journal in 1958 (No. 1)

On its first tenth anniversary (1968), the journal was already an established publication reflecting the scientific potential of the mining universities of the Soviet Union during the period of intensive development of the domestic mining industry. This was the period of the formation of scientific schools for the provision of various branches of mining, the training of scientific personnel. The 1960s – 1970s for mining universities and research institutes became especially fruitful in terms of scientific results, which were immediately published on the pages of the journal.

The articles reflected, among other things, "foreign experience", and the magazine itself was translated into other languages ​​and widely distributed abroad, and not only in countries that at that time belonged to the "socialist camp". In 1968, Izvestiya Vuzov. Mining Journal ”has already been distributed in 40 countries of the world.

“He is being discharged by the USA, England, France, Japan, Brazil, Congo, Chile. The magazine is widely popular in Korea, Democratic Germany, Vietnam, Mongolia, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia. Poland subscribes about 200 copies of the magazine, China subscribes up to 300 copies. The Mining Journal was exhibited at international industrial and scientific and technical exhibitions: June 1959 - in the USA, November 1959 - in Mexico, January 1960 - in Cuba, May 1961 - an international fair in Poland and a Soviet industrial exhibition in Japan, July 1961 - a Soviet industrial exhibition in France, June 1961 - in England, October 1961 - an industrial exhibition in India, June 1963 - scientific and technical exhibition in the GDR, June 1964 - in Yugoslavia, July 1964 - an exhibition of Soviet periodicals in Japan, May 1965 - an international fair in Poland and an exhibition of Soviet periodicals in Washington, etc. " [eight].

For many years, the edition was published in English under the name “Soviet Mining Journal”, where selected articles were published quarterly, which had “the broadest and most general area of ​​application for the interests of the global mining industry” [9].

Edition "Soviet Mining Journal" in English. 1987 year

In addition, within the framework of Izvestiya Vuzov. Gornyi zhurnal ”regularly published another edition -“ Uralskiy Gornoye Obozreniye ”. This “magazine in a magazine” positioned itself as a renewed publication of the magazine created in 1897 - the organ of the Soviets of the Ural mining, gold and platinum industrialists, published before 1906. The new "Gornoye Obozreniye" had its own team, and Vladimir Zinovievich Kozin [10], Doctor of Technical Sciences, one of the oldest honored professors of USMU, a specialist in the field of mineral processing, a full member of the editorial board of Izvestiya Vuzov. Mining Journal ".

V.Z.Kozin - permanent editor-in-chief of the "Ural Gorny Obozreniye"

Issue of "Ural Mountain Review" 2001,
published within the framework of the publication "Izvestiya vuzov. Mining Journal "from 1993 to 2006"


In total, from 1993 to 2006, 32 volumes were published devoted to the exploration, production, processing of minerals in the Ural region, their role and significance for the regional and Russian economy. The list of articles in individual issues speaks of the richness and wide variety of topics - coal, iron, aluminum, precious stones, copper, man-made deposits, zinc, gold, oil, natural facing materials, superdeep wells, water, salt, quartz, rare earth metals, tailings, peat, nickel, chromium, manganese, cement, mineral resources of Bashkortostan, Komi, Kurgan, Orenburg, Chelyabinsk regions, mining education, science and geological museums, drilling and blasting technologies, titanium, vanadium, zirconium, non-metals, ore dressing and testing technologies, 285 years Vysokogorsk ore mining and processing plant and much, much more.

The published materials represent, in fact, an encyclopedia of the development of the mineral resource base of the Urals, unique information about the state of mining in the Urals in the late XX and early XXI centuries.

State of the art. “Izvestiya vuzov. Mining Journal "is included in the" List of peer-reviewed scientific publications in which the main scientific results of dissertations for the degree of candidate of science and doctor of science should be published. " In accordance with the requirements of the Federal State Educational Standards for training programs for specialists in the field of mining, the journal should be an obligatory component of university libraries.

In Izvestiya Vuzov. Mining Journal ”publishes articles authored by specialists from higher education, mining industry, academic and industrial research and design institutes. Representatives of scientific schools of St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kuzbass, Irkutsk, Krasnoyarsk, Karaganda, Perm, Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk, Krivoy Rog, Kazakh, Tula, Magnitogorsk, Ural technical universities and many other mining universities and faculties, scientific centers and mining institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences, design and scientific organizations. The journal publishes articles in English, as well as articles by foreign authors, gradually increasing international recognition.

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