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The present article reveals an objective role of close cooperation between manufacturing companies and scientific schools of colleges in training academic personnel for enterprises and colleges and in their professional development. In earlier times it was compulsory to bring the operating plans of expedition departments to the Science and Technical Council before they were approved by the Central Board. However, the scientific control over the geological prospecting by the approved projects did not bring the personnel in on preparing degree dissertations. Fruitful cooperation between the manufacturers of expedition no. 101 and scientific researchers of Sverdlovsk Mining Institute based on the study of Ural deposits of piezooptical and gangue quartz was marked by the defense of 17 PhD and 4 DSc dissertations by the members of SSI, and 20 PhD and 7 DSc dissertations by the geologists of expedition no. 101. Thus, close cooperation between the manufacturers and scientific researchers of colleges is an effective way to form academic personnel and develop professionalism.

Key words: academic personnel; academic degree; SSI; expedition; Ural deposits of gangue quartz; academic personnel formation.

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