Aims and Scope

ISSN 0536-1028 (Print)
ISSN 2686-9853 (Online)

The main goal of the mining journal is to create favorable conditions for the development of science. We are working to improve the level of scientific research and methodological work through the rapid publication of scientific research by scientists who have not yet published their work, results, studies, ideas.

The objectives of the magazine is
- expand the communicative space of interaction between Russian and foreign scientists.
- attract authoritative authors to the magazine who are experts of the highest level, opinion leaders;
- expansion of the editorial board and reviewers with the involvement of well-known Russian and foreign experts;
- achievement of scientific publications at the international level;
- inclusion in international databases;
- increase in citation index;
- increasing the accessibility and openness of the magazine in Russia and abroad;
- Promotion of the magazine in the international and Russian market;
- providing scientific and methodological refraction of published materials, taking into account the specifics of the reader’s address according to the concept of scientific journals of higher education.



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