Issue 7


ISSN 0536-1028 (Print)              ISSN 2686-9853 (Online)  
issue №7 2021


Mining safety


Amosov P. V

Numerical modeling of open pit ventilation when varying the location of the dust and gas cloud
(In English)



Geomechanics. Destruction of rocks. Physical and chemical processes of mining


Antonov A. E.
Shadrin A. S.
Konoshonkin D. V.
Rukavishnikov V. S.
Petrova D. S.

Determination of horizontal stresses orientation in the area of the Tomsk region
(In English)

Isaev E. D.
Kushner L. E.
The influence of flushing fluids rheological properties on rock breaking efficiency when drilling wells by pellet impact drilling method 25



Mineral processing



Evdokimov S. I.
Gerasimenko T. E.

Developing the technology of associated gold recovery when concentrating copper-pyrite ore
(In English)

Buzunova T. A.
Shigaeva V. N
Assessing the possibility of using dry concentration for oxidized pegmatite and granites at the Kedrovoe feldspar deposit 45

Lopatin Iu. N.
Mushketov A. A.
Dmitrieva E. G

Integrated study on obtaining oxide pellets from brown iron ore 55  


Mine surveying, geodesy and cadastre



Barulin A. I. Mine surveying technique and steel storage tank base deformation removal 69



Geoecology, rational nature management



Valiev N. G.
Stradanchenko S. G.
Maslennikov S. A.
Golodov M. A.
Armeiskov V. N.

Environmental protection of a coal-mining region 80




Mining mechanical engineering. Mining machinery and transport

Blinkov O. G. Kinetic criteria for evaluating the performance of roller-cone drill bit 92



Mining processes electrification and automation

Lapin E. S.
Abdrakhmanov M. I
Formally proving whether the software implementation of models applied in instrumentation and control systems conform to the specified requirements 99






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