Issue 5


ISSN 0536-1028 (Print)              ISSN 2686-9853 (Online)  

№5 2023
  Geomechanics. Rockbreaking  
Russkikh A. P.
Kornilkov S. V.
Avdeev A. N.
Kharisov T. F.
Studying physical and mechanical properties of rocks to carry out an express assessment of crushability parameters in the conditions of chrysotile asbestos rock mass
(In English)

Khramtsov B. A.
Lepetiukha D. S.
Babushkin K. S.
Determining modern stress field when mining ore deposits
(In English)

Golik V. I.
Valiev N. G.
Sharipzianova G. Kh.
Kelekhsaev V. B.
Controlling the state of the stressed and strained rock masses by means of de-stressing 29

Gorinov S. A.
Tagiev S. M.
Temperature change of detonation products of emulsion explosive blasthole charge 38




Geotechnology. Mining machiner

Dorosh E. A.
Talgamer B. L.
Evaluating the labour intensity of development according to the placer plan 49

Shabaev O. E.
Nechepaev V. G.
Bridun I. I.
Zinchenko P. P.

Mathematical model of mined bulk flows formation by small-diameter auger executive tools 60
Fomin S. I.
Govorov A. S
Justifying the scenario approach to pit limits determination taking into account the stochastic nature of the input data 70



Mine surveying. Mining geology

Ratushniak A. N.

Modelling the electromagnetic field scattering on 3D objects in a non-conducting medium




Occupational safety



Amosov P. V. Studying the effect of background stratification on the open-pit natural ventilation time based on the numerical modelling 90




History. Data. Reviews

Glebov I. A.
Kutuev V. A.
The results of the 17th All-Russian youth scientific and practical conference Problems of Subsoil Use 102






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