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  Geotechnology: underground, open, constructional  
Dziublo A. D.
Savinova M. S.


Hazardous natural processes and risks at offshore fields development with the use of subsea production of hydrocarbons (In English).


Lel Iu. I.
Glebov I. A.
Musikhina O. V.
Ganiev R. S.
Khardik N. V

Energy method of assessing and systematizing open pit automobile transport operating conditions 14


Geomechanics. Destruction of rocks


Kharlamova N. A.
Konovalova M. A.


Relationship between crack length, wedge-shaped cutter geometry, and salt rocks viscosity in a cross-cutting scheme (In English)



Ulianova Z. V


Possible negative influence of cationic polymers on borehole stability in clay rocks






Kornilkov S. V.
Antoninova N. Iu.
Panzhin A. A.
Shubina L. A.
Isakov S. V

Specifying the approaches to geoinformation monitoring to assess the development dynamics of mining enterprises as natural-technological systems (In English) 41


Mineral processing


Gazaleeva G. I.
Buzunova T. A.
Shigaeva V. N 

Developing the technology of feldspar raw materials pre-flotation conditioning at the Kedrovoe deposit


Smirnov A. N.
Klochkovskii S. P.
Krylova S. A.
Sysoev V. I.

Study of high-magnesia iron ore feedstock integrated processing 62


Economics and mining production control

Podkorytov V. N.
Mochalova L. A.

Discount rate and return on equity of the largest companies in the Russian mineral resource complex: comparative analysis



Mining mechanical engineering. Mining machinery and transport


 Makarov V. N.
Boiarskikh G. A.
Makarov N. V.
Dyldin G. P.
Ugolnikov A. V.

Turbomachine criteria for similarity of natural size proportionality 81


Electrification and automation of mining enterprises

Gromov E. V.

Digital transformation of underground mining flow processes: post-event analysis and world’s experience


Chicherin I. V.
Fedosenkov B. A.
Syrkin I. S.
Sadovets V. Iu.
Dubinkin D. M.

The concept of controlling the unmanned vehicles in open pit mining



Mining higher education


Khokhriakov A. V.
Studenok G. A.
Tseitlin E. M

Experience and organizational-methodological support of summer internship during the period of restrictions related to the spread of coronavirus infection



History. Information. Reviews


Valiev N. G.
Propp V. D.
Vandyshev A. M.

The 100th Anniversary of the Department of Mining Engineering of UrSMU






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