Issue 3


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  Geotechnology. Mining machinery  

Korotkov Iu. G.
Kartavtsev V. K.
Senkin A. V.
Lunev K. A.
Kolupaev I. E.

Increasing the operating time of ESP by using self-cleaning filters 
(In English)

Shemiakin S. A.
Shishkin E. A.
Determining the maximum turning force of the hydraulic backhoe excavator bucket 17

Demchenko I. I., Ignatova O. S. String stepped screen design and main parameters 25



Geomechanics. Rock breaking

Gorinov V. S.

Frost-resistant emulsion explosives(In English)



Pershin G. D.
Pshenichnaia E. G.
Solving the L amé problem in the quasi-brittle setting to substantiate the solution scheme for rock breaking by the blast-hole method 43

Balek A. E. Kharisov T. F. Avdeev A. N. Kharisova O. D.

Substantiation of the optimal mining sequence of an ore deposit under conditions of high stress and low rock mass strength 55


Mineral processing


Amosov P. V.
Goriachev A. A.
Malodushev K. A.
Makarov D. V.
Masloboev V. A.

earching for the relationship between the temperature and humidity of tailings material by processing digital photographs of laboratory experiments and color models 66

Mamonov S. V.
Volkova S. V.
Chinova N. B.
Khisamova A. S.
Goraichuk P. K.

Improving the technology of copper-zinc ore beneficiation of a Uralian-type pyrite deposit 86



Occup ational safety



Alenichev V. M. Systematization of industrial technogenic risks at mining enterprises 97



Information technology in mining



Abdrakhmanov M. I.
Gardt D. A.

Developing a unit testing framework for control system software implementation of a degassing vacuum pumping station




History. Data. Reviews

Bersenev G. P.
Kutuev V. A.

Results of the 9th Research and Practice Conference of the Ural Shotfirers







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