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Articles are submitted to the editor in electronic form:

  1. Text in Russian or English with tables, figures, bibliography, UDC code.
  2. Abstract of the article in the amount of 200 - 250 words in Russian and English.
  3. Keywords for the article (5-7) in Russian and English.
  4. Information about the authors: surname, name, patronymic; academic degree; academic title; position; place of work with the obligatory indication of the full address (in Russian and English); telephone and electronic address. The author is responsible for correspondence with the editors.
  5. The recommendation of the relevant department of higher education (for example, in the form of an extract from the minutes of the department meeting) or a covering letter from the organization.
  6. Expert opinion on the possibility of publishing the article in the open press.
  7. The completed consent form with the signatures of all authors (the second page of the agreement can be scanned).

1. The article should be no more than 5 authors. The remaining members of the group of authors participating in the work can be indicated in a footnote.

2. The text of the article is typed in a Microsoft Word text editor on A4 pages with 2.5 cm margins. The total size of the article, including abstract, references, tables and figures, should not exceed 14 pages in Times New Roman 14 font in 1.5 interval. The number of tables – no more than 4, figures - no more than 4. Pages are numbered. The title of the article should be as concise as possible and correspond exactly to its content, given in Russian and English.

3. Recommended structure of the article: introduction (purpose of work); methodology (methodology) of research; results; analysis and discussion; conclusions and / or scope of the results.

4. The article does not allow duplication of data figures or tables in the text. Only conventional abbreviations of words are used (for example, efficiency, emf). All abbreviations and abbreviations both in the text and in the tables or in the figures must be deciphered.

5. Figures and tables (more than one) should have continuous numbering. Links to figures and tables are given in the places of their comments. Figure captions and table titles are presented in Russian and English.

6. Formulas should be typed in the formula editor Microsoft Equation (MathType) and numbered if the text refers to them. The decoding of formula symbols and formula fragments placed inside the text (“in the selection”) are typed in the Word editor.
Physical units are given in the SI system.

7. Illustrations. Images prepared with the help of graphic editors are submitted electronically along with the text of the article. Figures are written to graphic files with a resolution of at least 300 dpi. In addition, it is necessary to separately submit drawings in the format in which they were made (.dwg, .cdw, .xls, etc.).
Technical drawings, drawings, diagrams, schedules must meet the requirements of national and international standards. Figures should not contain elements that are not related to the content of the article.

8. The bibliographic list is issued in accordance with GOST 7.0.5-2008, placed at the end of the article. The bibliographic list is constructed in the order of references in the text. In the text, references are given in square brackets. References to unpublished works are not allowed.

The bibliography should contain the following information:
• For a journal article - the surname and initials of the author (s), the title of the article, the title of the journal, the year of publication, volume, number, pages of the beginning and end of the article;
• for the book - the surname and initials of the author (s), the title of the work, the place (city) of the publication, the publishing house, the year of publication, the number of pages in the book;
• for the article in the collection - the surname and initials of the author (authors), the title of the article, the title of the collection, the issue number (volume), place of publication, publisher, page of the beginning and end of the article;
• for electronic resources - author (s), publication name, resource name, access mode, request date.

The bibliography should contain at least 12 sources, of which no more than three references to their own works, at least 30% of references to foreign sources. The list should include five or more references to literature published no earlier than the last five years.
References to GOST, SNiP, safety rules, regulatory, legislative and other documents are recommended to be given in the text of the article (in brackets), without listing in the bibliography.

9. The abstract of the article should adequately disclose its content and be clearly structured: an introduction (purpose of the work); methodology (methodology) of research; results and their analysis; conclusions and / or scope of the results.

Failure to comply with the requirements for registration of materials of the article may serve as a basis for refusal to publish!



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