Issue 3


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  Geotechnology: underground, open, constructional  
Vikulov V. M.
Volkov M. N.
The influence of bottom-up anchors pre-tension optimization
on the prediction of pit walls rockfall displacements

Golik V. I.
Razorenov Iu. I.
Vagin V. S.
Liashenko V. I.

Study and development of hardening
mixture composition based on unconventional industrial waste


Geomechanics. destruction of rocks. physical and chemical processes of mining


Avdeev A. N.
Sosnovskaia E. L.
Bolotnev A. Iu.

Strength coefficient estimation by indirect methods 28  
Karablin M. M.
Sirota D. Iu.
Prostov S. M.
Prediction of marginal rock mass stability in clays of Quaternary deposits including the effect of filtration reservoir by the example of the Bachat coal mine 36  
Tsoi D. I.
Lavrik N. A.
Rasskazov M. I.
Tereshkin A. A.
Fedotova Iu. V.

Assessing physical and mechanical properties of enclosing rock in the course
of Malmyzhskoe gold-copper-porphyry deposit development

Tilloev K. Z.
Kondakov S. V.
Asfandiiarov M. A
Theoretical and experimental study of deep
soil compaction with a cone reamer
Gainanov S. Kh Tectonic stresses impact on rock mass structure and properties 71  


Mining and oil-and-gas geology, geophysics

Filatov V. V.
Bolotnova L. A.
Generalizing the results of fracture zones study in the Upper
Kama potassium salt deposit with the help of gravity study


Mineral processing

Kulikov V. I.
Fedorov Iu. O.
Chikin A. Iu.
Improving the technology of gold ore X-ray
radiometric separation


Mining mechanical engineering. mining machinery and transport

Shishliannikov D. I.
Trifanov M. G.
Muravskii A. K.
Mikriukov A. Iu.
Sukhanov A. E.
Improving the efficiency of heading and winning machines for potash ore extraction based on
their drive load data


Mining processes electrification and automation


Chicherin I. V.
Fedosenkov B. A.
Syrkin I. S.
Sadovets V. Iu.
Dubinkin D. M.

The technique of
wavelet transforms in the computer-aided system for controlling the unmanned dump trucks


History. Information. Reviews

Kozin V. Z. Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of UrSMU Mineral Processing





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