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УДК 622.23.05 DOI: 10.21440/0536-1028-2020-7-103-109


Introduction. The article considers the organization of heading and winning machines’ maintenance in the mines of the Upper Kama potash salt deposit highlighting the potential of maintenance and repair according to the actual health of mining machines.
Research methodology. The methodological foundations are presented of collecting and processing the data on Ural heading and winning machines failure statistics in the Upper Kama potash salt deposit. It is indicated that monitoring systems implemented in mining machine since 2013 made it possible to quickly track and record data on operating modes and downtime causes.
Results. Research revealed that the greatest number of Ural heading and winning machines emergency failures is due to mining technology violation, as well as untimely or poor quality repairs. Breakdowns of swing and distributing reduction gears of planetary actuators, reduction gears of berm bodies and hydraulic systems units are most common. Ural mining machines’ repair cycle is presented. Even complex current and overhauls of heading and winning machines are often carried out by miners who directly operate the machines.
Summary. Statistical data storage on failures and corresponding diagnostic parameters limit of heading and winning machines makes it possible to predict the time of equipment failure with a high degree of probability. The more standardized the potash mining machine operation and repair conditions are, the more accurate the remaining life forecast of the residual resource is.

Key words: heading and winning machine; operation; maintenance; failure statistics; potash mine.

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Received 30 June 2020



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