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Economic stripping ratio is the basic criterion of opencast mining efficiency under the determination of open pit outlines.
The purpose of investigation is development of methods with the account of iron-ore production competitive ability
conditions in the global market. At the heart of economic stripping ratio determination is the condition, that the price for
commercial output of the designed enterprise must not exceed prices for same commercial output in the global market.
The said condition realization is achieved analytically. At that the influence of profit rate at the final depth of the designed
open pit is taken into account. The worked out method of economic stripping ratio determination helped determining the
values of maximum allowable stripping ratios for Poltavsky GOK open pit, which provide competitive ability of iron-ore
commercial output in the global market at various values of profit rate.
Key words: open pit outline; economic stripping ratio; iron-ore concentrate; competitive ability of production.

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ISSN 0536-1028 «Известия вузов. Горный журнал», № 1, 2017 23
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