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issue №7 2021


Mining safety


Amosov P. V

Numerical modeling of open pit ventilation when varying the location of the dust and gas cloud
(In English)



Geomechanics. Destruction of rocks. Physical and chemical processes of mining


Antonov A. E.
Shadrin A. S.
Konoshonkin D. V.
Rukavishnikov V. S.
Petrova D. S.

Determination of horizontal stresses orientation in the area of the Tomsk region
(In English)

Isaev E. D.
Kushner L. E.
The influence of flushing fluids rheological properties on rock breaking efficiency when drilling wells by pellet impact drilling method 25



Mineral processing



Evdokimov S. I.
Gerasimenko T. E.

Developing the technology of associated gold recovery when concentrating copper-pyrite ore
(In English)

Buzunova T. A.
Shigaeva V. N
Assessing the possibility of using dry concentration for oxidized pegmatite and granites at the Kedrovoe feldspar deposit 45

Lopatin Iu. N.
Mushketov A. A.
Dmitrieva E. G

Integrated study on obtaining oxide pellets from brown iron ore 55  


Mine surveying, geodesy and cadastre



Barulin A. I. Mine surveying technique and steel storage tank base deformation removal 69



Geoecology, rational nature management



Valiev N. G.
Stradanchenko S. G.
Maslennikov S. A.
Golodov M. A.
Armeiskov V. N.

Environmental protection of a coal-mining region 80




Mining mechanical engineering. Mining machinery and transport

Blinkov O. G. Kinetic criteria for evaluating the performance of roller-cone drill bit 92



Mining processes electrification and automation

Lapin E. S.
Abdrakhmanov M. I
Formally proving whether the software implementation of models applied in instrumentation and control systems conform to the specified requirements 99




Issue №8 2021

Geotechnology: underground, open, constructional


Sokolov I. V.
Antipin Iu. G.
Rozhkov A. A.
Nikitin I. V.
Solomein Iu. M

Mining factors effect on the technical and economic indicators of mining the upper sublevel under the rock cushion at iron ore deposits 5

 Stetiukha V. A.

Calculating the polymer operating string under asymmetric ice compression in permafrost




Mining and oil-and-gas geology, geophysics

Dziublo A. D.
Perekrestov V. E.
Alekseeva K. V
Ensuring industrial safety when drilling wells and developing oil and gas field infrastructure on the shelf of the Arctic and Subarctic seas 24

 Ratushniak A. N.
Baidikov S. V. 

Pulse inductive electromagnetic sounding of layered media 34 



Mining mechanical engineering. Mining machinery and transport

 Kosarev N. P.
Makarov V. N.
Ugolnikov A. V.
Belskikh A. M.
Optimizing the parameters of gas air-cooling unit fan systems 45

 Zalazinskii A. G.
Dvinin L. A.
Dvinina L. B

Equivalent force of winder drive at a trapezoidal velocity graph 55  

Rybakov A. N.
Gabbasov B. M.
Kurochkin A. I.
Iliinov N. D.

Improving the efficiency of mining machines operation by example of mine dewatering equipment in conditions of Uchaly underground mine 69



Geomechanics. Destruction of rocks. Physical and chemical processes of mining



 Moroz N. E.
Belova M. V.
Rukavishnikov G. D.

Predicting stress zones at various stages of goldfield development




History. Information. Reviews


Kurlaev E. A.

Uralian ore sleuths


 Bersenev G. P.
Kutuev V. A.
Kniazev D. Iu.

The outcome of the Ural Blasters Conference




Issue №1 2023
  Geotechnology. Mining machinery  

Andreeva L. I.
Abramov S. V.

Methods of mining machine components reconditioning and hardening by means of concentrated energy fluxes

(In English)


Sadovets V. Iu.
Rezanova E. V.
Sadovets R. V.

Parametric model for a cutting edge contour of the geokhod cutting body blade  16

Bezkorovainyi P. G.
Shestakov V. S.

Determining rational parameters for the impeller of a hydraulic excavator with a crowding mechanism


Olizarenko V. V.
Burmistrov K. V.
Zubkov A. A.
Rybakov A. N.

Justifying the power consumption of mine dewatering pumps by the example of the Akkerman mine 36 

Gabov V. V.
Shishliannikov D. I.
Korolev A. I.
Mikriukov A. Iu.
Muravskii A. K.

Rationale for the efficient design of a face scraper-type cutting conveyor 46


Mine surveying. Mining geology


Senin L. N.
Senina T. E.

A method of seismic microzoning based on the vulnerability coefficient
(In English)




Mineral processing


Kozin V. Z.
Komlev A. S.
Stupakova E. V.

Correction factor to the formula of sample reduction error  66

Sokolov I. V.
Solomein Iu. M.
Smirnov A. A.
Nikitin I. V.

The advisability of an underground processing facility at the Voronets iron ore deposit 78 


Occupational safety


Kornilkov S. V.
Kravchuk I. L.
Cherepanov V. A.

Indicators of the emergence of hazardous production situations in the integrated monitoring data of the state of mining operations  89

Dzaparov V. Kh.
Sakhnov A. V.
Zdorovets I. L.
Shokhov S. O.

Industrial effluents of mining enterprises of the North Caucasus and water resources 101  


History. Data. Reviews


Beliaev V. P.
Gladkova I. V.

The 60th anniversary of the Department of Philosophy and Cultural Studies  110




Issue №1 2022

Geomechanics. Rock breaking

Nguyen Q. Ph.
Nguyen V. M.
Nguyen V. C.

Design of fully grouted rock bolts – a reinforcement concept: analytical and numerical calculation


Shishkin E. A.
Smoliakov A. A.

Assessing the explosion effect on rock mass pre-destruction


Shadrin A. S.
Konoshonkin D. V.
Antonov A. E.
Rukavishnikov V. S.
Petrova D. S.

Determination of geomechanical properties of the Jurassic and Pre-Jurassic sediments of the Tomsk region 34


Mineral processing

Gazaleeva G. I.
Bulatov K. V.

Choosing special methods of selective disintegration and schemes for complex refractory ore




Geotechnology, mining machinery


Liashenko V. I.
Khomenko O. E.
Golik V. I.
Mitsik M. F.

Justifying the parameters of ore fields underground mining with goaf backfilling 58

Makarov N. V.
Makarov V. N.
Ugolnikov A. V.
Churakov E. O.
Arslanov A. A.

Local diffusion airfoil control as an effective way of increasing the adaptability of gas air cooler fan unit 72

Zalazinskii A. G.

Monitoring the technical condition of the main mine hoist 84

Gabaraev O. Z.
Dedegkaeva N. T.
Gabaraev G. O.

The technology of mining tungstenmolybdenum ore of Slepaya Zalezh at Tyrnyauz deposit




Mine surveying. Mining geology

Bazhenova E. A.

Assessing geodynamic activity of rock by the borehole survey results




Geoecology. Occupational safety and health


Khokhriakov A. V.
Tseitlin E. M.
Studenok G. A.

Training of a new generation of environmental professionals as an important part of the national mineral and mining industry competitive advantages creation in the face of the present and future global challenges




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  Geotechnology. Mining machinery  

Korotkov Iu. G.
Kartavtsev V. K.
Senkin A. V.
Lunev K. A.
Kolupaev I. E.

Increasing the operating time of ESP by using self-cleaning filters 
(In English)

Shemiakin S. A.
Shishkin E. A.
Determining the maximum turning force of the hydraulic backhoe excavator bucket 17

Demchenko I. I., Ignatova O. S. String stepped screen design and main parameters 25



Geomechanics. Rock breaking

Gorinov V. S.

Frost-resistant emulsion explosives(In English)



Pershin G. D.
Pshenichnaia E. G.
Solving the L amé problem in the quasi-brittle setting to substantiate the solution scheme for rock breaking by the blast-hole method 43

Balek A. E. Kharisov T. F. Avdeev A. N. Kharisova O. D.

Substantiation of the optimal mining sequence of an ore deposit under conditions of high stress and low rock mass strength 55


Mineral processing


Amosov P. V.
Goriachev A. A.
Malodushev K. A.
Makarov D. V.
Masloboev V. A.

earching for the relationship between the temperature and humidity of tailings material by processing digital photographs of laboratory experiments and color models 66

Mamonov S. V.
Volkova S. V.
Chinova N. B.
Khisamova A. S.
Goraichuk P. K.

Improving the technology of copper-zinc ore beneficiation of a Uralian-type pyrite deposit 86



Occup ational safety



Alenichev V. M. Systematization of industrial technogenic risks at mining enterprises 97



Information technology in mining



Abdrakhmanov M. I.
Gardt D. A.

Developing a unit testing framework for control system software implementation of a degassing vacuum pumping station




History. Data. Reviews

Bersenev G. P.
Kutuev V. A.

Results of the 9th Research and Practice Conference of the Ural Shotfirers







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